Gaming and RPGs

When you hear the term “gaming” in popular, modern culture, it usually categorizes two types of games which are shared among the majority of those who play them.  These two types of games are pen and paper role playing games or RPGs and video games.  The world of gaming, however, is enormous with a wide variety of popular games and gaming venues that can be considered “gaming”.  When the internet came into play and “gaming” became more and more popular, there arose offshoots and cross-breeds of gambling, card games, board games, pen and paper role playing games, and video games.  Video games went into the world of first person shooter games and later came the rise of massively multiplayer online games or MMOs, web-based gaming servers, and online gaming engines and stores.

Today, the term “gamer” or “gaming” more specifically describes someone who plays video games, and even more specifically describes someone who plays the latest and greatest online video games.  Some of us “gamers”, however, still find the value and desire to play other games and forms of games other than just video games.   Still even more of us have specific games and types of games they like to play.  There are times when it feels like no form of entertainment has a larger and connected fanbase than gaming.  Given that there are still many gamers who grew up alongside the industry making its furtive few steps into global culture, it’s easy to understand why there are quite a few people that have such a passionate, emotional attachment to the ‘good old days’.  While video games are still very much limited in what a player can do, pen and paper role playing games are still very much a popular form of gaming because of the unlimited amount of things people can do based on the player’s imagination in imaginary worlds.

I myself enjoy a wide variety of video and RPG’s or role playing games.  I tend to mostly enjoy futuristic and sci-fi games and discussing them with other fans of the genre.