Revit and 3DS Max Animation

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Revit and 3DS Max Animation

Yet another exciting topic in the world of Revit, is importing 3DS Max animation into the project.  This is the essential element for high-profile displays or presenting your Revit structure and it’s walkthroughs to a client for them to get the full experience of visualizing the structure from the inside and out.  Of course, you want your doors to open and your escalators to escalate when you’ve got a multi-million dollar project on the line for a potential bid out.  And it would be even nicer if the people moved and the television screens projected moving pictures too!  So, how does a project designer in Revit get his features animated?

It is all a matter of importing your Revit project into 3DS Max and doing the animation work with the animation tools in 3DS Max, and then doing your final renderings in 3DS Max as well.  But how does a Revit designer import his Revit design into 3DS Max in the first place?  The great thing about Autodesk programs is that it is very easy to link and import and export files from different Autodesk programs into and out of each program.

3DS Max is a 3D program which deals with 3D views and animation, so obviously the file that you would need to import into 3DS Max would be a 3D view of your Revit project.  Once you have selected the view that you wish to import into 3DS Max to manipulate, then you would go into 3DS Max and in the File Menu drop down you will find an Import files selection.  Once you click on this button then you will need to find the location of the Revit file you want to import and select it and open the file.  It may then give you a choice of what view of the file you wish to open the file into, such as external views, side views, or possibly internal views.  Once you have selected the view, then the file should take a moment or two to process into the program and then VIOLA…..the view should then appear before your very eyes!   Not too difficult was that now?  Take a look at the video above for more information and a visual tutorial about what we just discussed!

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