Revit elevation walkthroughs

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Revit elevation walkthroughs

I have been working with Revit elevation walkthroughs for quite a while now and I feel I have a rather fair understanding of most of the basic program functions, at least for creating a structure and giving it a novice degree of substance.  Some of the design components of Revit have a high number of tutorials and teaching curriculum, while other components just kind of leave you guessing at one point or another.

When dealing with structure walkthroughs in Revit,  I still get baffled when it comes to trying to get anything close to what would seem like a realistic walk through the completed structure.  For those of us who have worked with Revit and know what I am talking about, one of the difficulties lies in doing elevation changes so that the viewer experiences realistic experiences like going down ramps or walking down stairs without glitching the walkthrough and ending up with extremely higher or lower elevation points where the viewer is either floating in mid-air or sinking into the ground unexpectedly.

The degree of difficulty for the solution depends on what your intention for the walkthrough may be.  If it is a matter of going up a simple ramp, then most likely all one would have to do is when placing the points in the walkthrough, adjust the offset of the camera before placing the point in the camera options bar, and then make sure the camera is facing in the correct direction at each placed point in an elevation view of the walkthrough path in edit mode (as if you were looking diagonally upward while walking up the ramp, or diagonally downward if you were walking down the ramp).

If your walkthrough on the other hand, involves climbing a flight of stairs, then you have a bit more of trickier work to do with adjusting the camera to make it appear as the individual is climbing the stairs realistically in the walkthrough.  This involves adjusting not only the direction of the camera at the placed points in the elevation view, but also the path of the placed points in the elevation view as well.  In order to switch from adjusting the camera view and the path in the elevation view, remember there is a drop down list in the camera options bar!  With a little bit of editing experience in stairway walkthroughs, hopefully your walkthroughs will one day resemble the video above!

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